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Your warming potential is based on MSCI's Implied Temperature Rise metric, ITR. This indicator reflects a novel approach as recommended by international standard bodies. Globalance considers it to be a "beta-version" with remaining deficiencies. We are calling for robust credibililty-tests to be introduced to callibrate assessments by corporation's track-record of achieved emission reductions. In principle, ITR assesses a company's or portfolio's alignment with the Paris Agreement. MSCI's metric is based on companies' current emissions and reduction targets.


The Warming Potential in Global Context

To put the Warming Potential in perspective, the chart below maps various Global Emissions Pathways to 2100. These have been prepared by Climate Action Tracker and present different scenarious ranging from current policy projections, to short-term country pledges (up to 2030), and long-term country pledges (up to 2050).

200020502100Gigatons of CO₂e-50050100150200
  • Historical Emissions
  • Optimistic Policies
  • Baseline
  • Current Policies
  • Pledges & Targets
  • 2°C consistent
  • 1.5°C consistent

Climate Impact of your Assets


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